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R5R Racer 4.0 w/2104 S Pipe Combo - no clutch
R5R Racer 4.0 w/2104 S Pipe Combo - no clutch
The perfect synthesis of innovation, high quality and great performance at a mid range street price. Everything that makes the 4.0 unique today is an extraordinary step forward. The R5R has been redesigned with a 5 ports sleeve and crankshaft timing. The engine is designed with improved fuel efficiency and drivability in mind, and is suitable for both Buggy and Truggy.

R5R Racer tuned by M.Rossi guarantees the same performance as a Pro engine at reasonable price. The 4.0 is one of the most advanced and innovative products on the market, equipped with the best technology to improve reliability and guarantee the best performance on all terrains: HCX horizontal carburetor, silicon filled and tuned crankshaft, sleeve with 5 inlet ports and classic exhaust port, high sealing front bearing, rear steel high quality chrome steel bearing.

"REDS Racing R5R is a real beast. It provides high torque, incredible power, and good runtime. This is a race bred engine you can use in your Truggy, and also in Buggy when you need the extra power.? -Cole Ogden 

ADVANCED HCX CARB SYSTEM: The revolutionary carb features a top end needle positioned horizontally, lower down on the carb body. HCX Horizontal carb main features: higher idle stability, more precise tuning, easier access to high speed needle, higher mid/top range power.
LIGHTWEIGHT & LOW GRAVITY CENTER: The REDS Factory Tuned line was designed to be not only more powerful and reliable but lighter and with lower center of gravity than ever before. To do that, they started from scratch, redesigning each essential part like crankcase, cooling head, combustion chamber and backplate.
HANDMADE, TUNED AND ASSEMBLED: The 4.0 is hand-tuned by M. Rossi. Every single engine is hand inspected and compression checked inside REDS Racing headquarters by Mario and Marco Rossi to achieve the highest quality standards. This is core to the values that makes the 4.0 different from any other engine brand on the market.
LONG STROKE: The R5R crankshaft is surprisingly strong and reliable thanks to a special steel and heat treatment. Special silicone filling reduces rotating mass.
5 PORTS & BOOSTERS: The sleeve with 5 inlet ports and exhaust port with boosters guarantees high power at each RPM and low fuel consumption. The REDS flat piston, made from a high strength aluminum bar, is a true masterpiece of engineering.
FLAT BILLET PISTON: The flat piston matched to a specific combustion chamber guarantees high performance and low consumption. The connecting rod is lightweight, durable and reliable, and the slim shape is designed to minimize aerodynamic friction. 
HIGH QUALITY BALL BEARINGS: The high sealing and high reliability made in Japan front ball bearing ensures high idle stability. The steel Swiss Made rear bearing ensures longer life and low friction at high temperatures.

Category: 1/8 Buggy or Truggy 
Displacement [cm^3]: 3.5 
Bore [mm]: 16.2 
Stroke [mm]: 16.9 
Inlet ports: 5 
Outlet ports: 3 
Front ball bearing dimension DixDexS [mm]: 7x19x6 
Front ball bearing features: rubber seal made in Japan 
Rear ball bearing dimension DixDexS [mm]: 14x25.4x6 
Rear ball bearing features: Swiss made steel 
Carburetor diameter [mm]: 7 
Carburetor: HCX Long needle 
Weight [g]: 360 
Cylinder system: ABC 
Exhaust type: rear 
Recommended Glow plug: REDS T5C 
Recommended pipe: REDS 2143 + S 
Recommended fuel: 25-30% nitro, 8-10% oil 
Break-in fuel: 12% oil

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